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Are we, those who appreciate beauty in nature and arts, shallow?

Mark Twain may have best defined the importance of clothing when he said, "Clothes make the man".
Chinese say the same thing about food. When Chinese talk about excellence in food, taste is actually the last of the three main qualities. Presentation is ranked first, followed by fragrance and then taste.

People can argue how shallow we human are that we place so much importance in the looks, but that's just what we are like, for whatever reasons, for good or bad. People say don't judge a book by its cover, but we all do, whether you know/admit it or not. Publishers pay a lot of attention (and money) to make good looking book-covers (from the layout of the pages, type style, to the physical size of the book) to attract buyers. They (good looking covers) sell books, from the seemingly unpretentious plain bold title on white (surprise, it is Designed (with a capital D) that way to attract a targeted audience), to gold leaf embellished leather-bound books. Even those die hard "I don't care about looks" T-shirt and jeans guys care. They just don't know it or want to admit it. I know guys who say they don't care about looks, but I have not yet met a guy with nothing but plain white T-shirts.

People can argue that food just goes in one end and comes out the other; they don't care how it looks. Really? I think for most of us, we would at least place our food in a somewhat orderly appealing fashion in the center of the plate.

Garnishes, from the simplest single sprig of parsley to the most elaborate decorated buffet with ice sculptures, carved carrot dragons and floral/veggie arrangements, all add something to the enjoyment of the food we eat - by setting a mood, by pleasing your guests with the effort/care you have put into the presentation for their pleasure, by making food look more appetizing and fun.

Radish Florets
Radish Flowers

Radish Flowers
Radish Flowers
Radish Lady Bug
Radish Ladybug
Radish Garnish

Large Radish Flower
Cucumber Garnish
Cucumber Curl
Lemon Twist
Lemon Twist

Pepper Flower
Zucchini Floret Garnish
Zucchini Flower & Curl
Leek Rings and Flower
Leek Flower & Rings

Green Onion Curls
Zucchini Lobster
Zucchini/Cucumber Lobster

Celery Flower
Zucchini Crab
Zucchini/Cucumber Crab
Zucchini Fish
Zucchini/Cucumber Fish
Diakon Carrot Butterfly
Diakon/Carrot Butterfly
Yam Butterfly
Yam Butterfly
Carrot Twists
Carrot Twists
Acron Squash
Spanish Onion
Spanish Onion
Emote Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin
Water Melon Carving
Watermelon Carving
Cantalope Swan
Cantalope Swan
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