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Up The Mountain - Vaseux Lake   BC Canada


Vaseux Lake is a freshwater lake located along the course of the Okanagan River in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The lake has the towns Okanagan Falls to the north, and Oliver to the south. The lake stage is controlled by McIntyre Dam. Vasuex Creek (and the associated alluvial fan) are to the south, near McIntyre Bluff; however, it does not flow into Vaseux Lake.

The name "vaseux" is French, meaning muddy or murky, which is descriptive of the lake's silty water.

I drive by this place daily for over a year and I still get surprised sometimes by the different looks effected by seasons and weather conditions. There is at least one scene, when the lake surface is frozen just enough to have a thin sheet of ice forming a perfect reflection of the mountains with a full moon in front of a deep blue sky just before the night falls, that is etched in my mind and still trying to capture on camera.

I may be guilty of having too many photographs of this little puddle of water and the same piece of rock. My apologies if, after these pictures, you never want to see another picture of Vaseux Lake again.

Vaseux Lake

Regowth After The Fire Vaseux Lake

Regrowth After The Fire

Regrowth After The Fire
Vaseux Lake
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